Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 109.04

“I am an armed police officer.” White took a step forward. “Put the box down and your hands up.”

“What is it?” The night watchman hefted a short piece of pipe. That was the trouble with colleges these days. Every expense was spared. “Have they made a robot now?”

“I think so, sir.” White took another step forward. “Whoever's controlling it is after the super computer two of the students built.”

“That's college property, that it. You should arrest him.”

“Trying to, sir. Perhaps you'd better leave it to us.”

The android continued to look from one to the other of them, its neck twisting through three-quarters of a circle. Even though he knew it wasn't human, White couldn't help wincing at the thought of moving that far. It was like the horror movies where someone's head was on backwards. He glanced across at Peters. “Do you think it can head me? Perhaps it hasn't got microphones. In its ears”

“I doubt anything that sophisticated lacks the essentials, sir. Whoever built it did a damned fine job. I can't see any mechanical parts at all. I can't even see where the cameras are. There don't appear to be any lenses in the eye sockets, not lights, nothing. It's almost as it it was alive.”

“Don't be ridiculous.”

“Sorry. I know it isn't actually alive. I mean, it's an android made to look like a monster from a movie franchise, but that doesn't stop it giving me the willies.”

“I'm sure there must be an attachment for that.” White grinned and took another step forward. The android's head snapped around to face him.

“It can certainly sense you, sir.”

“So it seems.” He took another step forward.

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