Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 110.01

Harold jigged Lucy, hoping she'd stay asleep for just a few minutes longer. Being this close to magelight meant there were almost certainly sensors that could hear her wail if she started. He glanced across at Gillian, at work on the electronic door lock. She'd already prised it out of the panel and disassembled it to get at the wiring. Now she was in the process of determining the code sequence by means of a small codebreaker attached by crocodile clips to the control panel. She'd pulled the device from one of the pockets on her nylon webbing and it wasn't the first time Harold wondered just what she and Felicia got up to on the 'girl's nights out'.

“Do get a move on, love. I might be divine but I don't have infinite patience.”

“I'm going as fast as I can. I thought zombie boy had a friend on the inside to open the doors for us?”

“I do.” Dill waved his phone. “I don't understand why Sam isn't answering.”

Jasfoup rolled his eyes and returned the the task of carving his name into the granite wall with a fingernail. It was a petty piece of vandalism but it helped pass the time.”

The door clicked and slid upwards into the ceiling.

“Well done, Dill.” Harold hurried through. “I like these doors. They remind me of original Star Trek.”

“It wasn't...” Dill stared at his retreating back. “It wasn't me.”

Jasfoup scored the two dots under his name. “Good work, leechy girl.”

Gillian scowled at the demon as she unclipped the wires and tucked away her tools. “It wasn't me either.”

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