Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dead Rite Chapter 110.02

“That's a bit worrying.” Harold paused while the others came through. “Still, there's no-one here so it was probably an accident. Perhaps Gillian touched just the right wire at just the right time to make the door open while we were standing in front of it.”

“That's an awful lot of coincidences.” Dill narrowed his eyes. “Believing in that many at once and you might as well up an declare yourself a believer in God.” He chucked until he noticed Jasfoup's stare. “No offence.”

“Only a little taken.” Jasfoup sniffed. “You're not a believer, then?”

“Should I be?” Dill glanced at the demon. “I mean, I believe in you. I believe in Harold and I believe in Vampires and werewolves. And zombies, naturally. Does that make me believe in an all-knowing deity that looks down on us and judges us for every transgression against an arbitrary code of conduct that may or may not be subject to change? No. Do I think that attractive women, gay men and people who eat lobster ought to be killed? No.”

“How do you explain demons, then?”

“I'm a scientist. I believe that just because I can't explain something it doesn't mean that there isn't an explanation. God, gods and the supernatural is a convenient tag for people to abdicate responsibility for their own actions. Want to commit genocide? God wants us to do it. Want to kill a bunch of people. This book tells us we should. Want to kill just a few people because you get your rocks off that way? The devil made me do it.” He shrugged. “Of course, the names vary according to which book you read. Who's to say your way is more right than the followers of Islam?”

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