Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 110.03

Harold finished his examination of the corridor. As far as he could tell, there were neither cameras not microphones in the vicinity. Odd, because if he was running a top secret installation that melded magic with technology he'd make damned sure there were cameras trained on every locked door. The theological discussion had been in the background the whole time. “What are you two on about?”

“He doesn't believe in...what we believe in.”

“What? Even with all the evidence? He's a demon, I'm half-demon, Gillian, Uncle Frederick...”

“I believe you are what you say you are, I'm just saying there's still the possibility of evolution of different species. Just because you're a demon, it doesn't mean you were wished into being by an all-powerful entity, does it? I mean, when I was in infant's school we had to sing a song about 'He made every little sparrow' which is clearly untrue because they're the direct descendants of the Archaeopteryx.”

But that doesn't preclude the truth of incarnate conception, does it. I could show you an angel. Would that prove it? How about an elf, or a faery?”

“Show me a species and I'll show you its antithesis.” Dill shook his head. “Evolution, mate. You creationists just never get it.”

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