Friday, May 25, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 110.04

“But I am the son of Lucifer.” Harold grinned to show he wasn't upset by Dill's accusations of his lack of divinity. “Technically, God is my granddad.”

“Have you ever seen him? Does he play bowls on Saturday afternoons? Has he got an allotment and a whippet?” Dill shook his head. “Just because you've got a supernatural being as your father doesn't make it a given that he...what? Sneezed himself into existence?”

“How should I know? I wasn't there. Dad remembers him, though. Dad was the highest of the seraphim once.”

“Doesn't mean a thing, mate.” Dill rolled his shoulder and cracked his knuckles. Even Harold could tell he was dismayed when they didn't pop back in. “Could be just a process of evolution, could be implanted memories. I'm not saying demons and angels – and I'm taking your word on the existence of angels, here, despite not having seen any myself – are separate species. Bees can be queens or workers, for example, depending upon what they've been fed with as pupae.”

“And what of me?” Gillian's dark eyes betrayed no hint of zealotry. “I was human until I was bitten by a vampire because he believed I was the re-incarnation of his wife”

Dill shrugged. “What about you? Nothing you could say would convince me the earth is six thousand years old instead of four point five four billion years. There are cave paintings five times older than Biblical creation. Are you going to tell me God did those, too?”

“But...” Jasfoup frowned. “I always thought the Bible was right.”

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