Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 111.02

“Sorry.” Peters grabbed his styrene cup and took a swig. His grimace at the bitter drink would have been comical if White had taken the time to point it out. As a concession to White's comments he wiped the table with the remainder of the napkin his sandwich had been wrapped in. “Better?”

“Much.” White nodded a farewell to Larry in the van. He didn't think the cook noticed since a lorry had just pulled into the lay-by. He led the war back to the car and let the engine warm up while he pulled on the seatbelt.

“Have we got a plan, sir?”

“For what?”

“For whatever it is we're doing. Are these cases connected? The unusual deaths, the missing lads, the super-computer, the theft, the robot.. We seem to be running from pillar to post without having a formal plan, an investigation or any idea of what's going on.”

“It's all connected, sergeant.” White counted the points off on his fingers. “We've got the suspicious deaths, one of which was an army sergeant. The army boys led us to the body in the woods, apparently alive after several attempts to kill him. The missing lads are also connected with the army. God knows what they did to uncover that ant's nest but they were all over it. Then we have the lad's college project being an all-but-sentient computer which knows what everyone on the planet had for breakfast last Tuesday. Then the computer is stolen by a giant robot and head off into the woods where the body came from. Coincidence? I think not.”

“So what are we doing now?”

“I want to go back to the hanging site, see if there's any evidence of our robot, then I want to go and talk to Mr Hunt at Magelight.”

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