Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 111.03

“Fair enough, sir.” Peters clipped in his seatbelt. “I just think this is all a bit... well, big for us, really. It was bad enough taking on the army. I mean, I could see the sense in that. They were covering up something that happened on our patch and whatever it was has escalated to the point where I really don't know what's going on any more. There are too many open ends to this investigation. I think we should open it up to uniform branch and ask them to help pursue leads for us.”

“You may be right, Sergeant.” White put the car into gear and moved off. “I just have a feeling that there's one central theme to all this that we're unaware of. Why did the army quarantine the area around around Chervil Court? What's their involvement and what are they hiding? We can't get answers from them because it's beyond out jurisdiction but I can damn well do my best to protect the innocent citizens of Laverstone.”

“I think 'innocent' is taking it a bit far for the two lads, sir. I mean, look at the college. It was a hotbed of drugs and immorality. Show me a student and I'll show you a law being broken somewhere. And what about that computer? That was a clear case of hacking people's accounts, not to mention phone signal carriers.”

“But do they deserve to disappear for it?” White shook his head. “No, they do not. And what about the time-travelling dad, eh? You tell me that.”

“I'm sorry, sir, what? What time travelling dad?”

“Uniform picked him up last night. The father of one of our missing lads. Turns out he's been missing since the lad was conceived and has just turned up.”

“And what bit about that is time travelling?”

“He thought two days had passed since he went into the college library in 1988.”

“You're kidding, right? Was he stoned?”

“No, sergeant, he was twenty years old.”

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