Friday, June 1, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 111.04

“How does that happen?” Peters frowned. He gripped the handle above the door as White slid the car into gear and pulled out of the lay-by. “That's impossible.”

“Just very, very improbable.” White increased speed, Hobb's Wood still a smear of green in the distance. “I've seen it done in films.”

“That's films, though. Hypersleep in Aliens and what? Back to the Future 3

“I was thinking more along the lines of Woody Allen's Sleeper.” He grinned and shot Peters a mildly embarrassed glance. “Not that it gave me the recurring fantasy of being chased by a gigantic breast.”

Peters narrowed his eyes. “Can't say I've seen it, sir. Never did get along with his films. The wife made me watch Manhattan once but it was all a load of old cobblers.”

“And thus are reputations made.” White concentrated on driving. “Anyway. To return to my earlier point, a cryogenic chamber would have allowed young Mr Trubshaw to retain his youth for twenty-odd years without thinking any time had passed. He claims the lights went out in the library when he disappeared, though he didn't know he'd disappeared at that point, and had no knowledge of current technology.”

“Okay, assuming I go with your hypothesis, sir, where does it lead us?”

“Well, think of the applications of such technology and who would be likely to use it most.”

“All new tech is ultimately funded with the military in mind.” Peters' beetled his eyebrows. “And we had that unexplained death of the army lad, and a very cagey army unit.”

“Which would make sense if it was an unexplained death in a top secret military project.”

“Makes sense.” Peters slapped the dashboard, starling him. “And the missing lads found out about it with their super computer which prompted the army deploying a quarantine unit to prevent the information leaking.”

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