Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 111.06

“I still don't know how. Anything you find could have been there anyway. There was a news report on last night's Look South about a man and his two lads picking up litter on a beach and finding crisp packets from the sixties.”

I'm not looking for crisp packets, sergeant.” White shot him a glance. “That was a story on the local telly news?”

Yes, sir.”

Unbelievable. We're looking for deaths that leave no trace on the victim, time-travelling zombies, six-foot tall robots and people who kidnap college lads and they're showing a story about old crisp packets?”

Public interest, sir. Nostalgia sells stories and everything we're looking for is a military secret the consequences of which are kidnapping and-stroke-or death by mysterious means. If I was a television producer I'd take the old crisp packets every time.”

I suppose you're right.” White leaned forward as the windscreen was dappled by the shadows of overhead tree branches. He pulled into the lay-by where they'd found the hanging man. Was it really only yesterday? “I want a good search of the area around the tree and the path to it from the road.”

Where are you going to look, sir?”

I'm going to look for the spot where the truck hit him in the first place, then see if I can find any evidence there.”

Right you are.” Peters leaned forward, looking up at the leaf canopy.

Is there a problem, sergeant?”

It's a bit dark, stil, not proper daylight yet.”

What's the matter? You're not scared, are you?”

Of time-travelling zombies and man size robots build to look like time travelling killers from the future?” Peters snorted. “'Course not, Sir.”

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