Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 112.03

“I wonder if Lucy can absorb ghosts.” Jasfoup, to Harold's right, mused aloud.

Harold was uncertain if the question was rhetorical. “I don't think she can. If she was able to absorb them she would have taken them from Julie and Dill, surely?”

“Not necessarily. Julie was detached but still in her own body. So is Dill. What happened when you fought the golem?”

“She touched it and pulled out the spirit but it crawled across her hand like a house spider when you pick it up.”

“But didn't go inside her?”

“No. She let it go in the end and it slithered off into the earth.”

“Slithered? Like a snake?”

“Yes, though I had the impression it was human once and had forgotten what it should look like.”

“That could create a complication.” Jasfoup frowned. “It's really hard to determine a spirit's identity if it's forgotten who it once was. Minos can tell, he always can, but It'll look really sloppy if I turn up with a dozen souls with blank paperwork.”

“Surely the aim is to set the souls free, not worry about paperwork.”

“And forfeit half my finder's fee?”

“Ah. Good point.” Harold sucked at his lip. “So how will you find out who they are?”

“I'll have to capture each one in a spirit bottle and determine their identities through a series of ritual spells.”

“Can't we just see who's died in mysterious circumstances recently?”

“No, because if the bodies were possessed by Manoach's legionnaires the bodies won't have died mysteriously, just sooner than they should have.”

“Ah, I see your problem.”

“Can you see ours, though?” Gillian had stopped at what looked like the sort of door Harold had seen in films about modern warfare.

“How to get through a blast door?” Harold shrugged. “We could knock.”

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