Friday, June 8, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 112.04

“And announce our presence?” Gillian looked askance at him. “Not the wisest of moves. I thought we were supposed to infiltrate and destroy?”

“Do you honestly think they don't know we're here? That last door opening must have triggered alarms and cameras all over the place. I bet there are cameras tracking every move we make.”

“I wouldn't be so sure.” Dill examined the front of the blast door and the keypad on one side of it. “People always think that cameras are trained on every part of a facility but what they don't remember is that every camera needs to be set up and then needs to be monitored. You'd be surprised how many security firms rely on one guard to monitor dozens of cameras.”

Gillian shifted Lucy's papoose. Even a vampire got tired of carrying a toddler, sometimes.“So you don't think we're being monitored?”

“Oh we are, most definitely.” Dill pointed to the keypad. “That camera was activated the moment you stepped within its field of view. I was merely talking in general.”

“Why would you talk in general when there's such a specific right in front of us?”

“I thought you'd be interested, given your predilection for breaking into houses and sucking the blood of the living.” Dill shrugged. “The question is, are they more likely to attack us here or wait for us to get further in?”

The blast door emitted several beeps and swung open.

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