Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 112.05

“Who did that?” Harold looked at Gillian, who shook her head.

She backed away from the opening. “Not me. I didn't get as far as opening up the keypad.”

“Nothing to do with me, either.” Dill's eyes were almost wide enough for them to pop out. A distinct possibility with a zombie, though they hadn't yet acquired the milky sheen Harold associated with the dead. “I've had nothing from Sam since I was at the Manor. I have to say I'm a bit worried about him.”

Jasfoup snorted. “What could happen to a ghost in the machine?”

“Data purge?” Dill edged sideways, to see around the slowly opening door. “Hard drive crash? Blown fuse?”

“Hardly likely though, is it?” Harold murmured the words to a rock-to-mud spell, it was the most effective of his arsenal against the golems so far, though Lucy's ability was the ultimate trump card. “More likely they found him and physically purged him from their system, or else confined him to something offline for further study.”

Jasfoup nodded. “Imagine that as a weapon in modern warfare. Electronic soldiers to counter the computer systems of the whole world.”

“Skynet.” Harold drew his sword, though what good it would do against a metal aggressor he couldn't imagine. To his left, Gillian was lowering a still-sleeping Lucy to the spot behind the blast door, probably the safest in a pitched battle.

Dill edged another step, gave a shriek and scurried backwards. “There's a golem right there in the other side of the door.”

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