Monday, June 11, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 112.07

Harold took a step sideways. It gave him an oblique view of the golem and he threw the spell at the ground at its feet. The stone took on a dull sheen as it became a suspension in liquid. Quicksand, almost. The golem lurched, one leg sinking into the earth and the other bending like a courtier before a queen. It flung out its arms horizontally, attempting to regain balance then tipped and fell face-first into the mud.

He spooled the counter spell in his mind and threw it before the golem could effect an escape. The viscous earth solidified back to rock, trapping the golem more effectively than any chains.

“Handy spell you've got there.” Gillian flashed him a smile as she dropped off the top of the blast door and made a cautious approach. The golem remained immobile despite having one arm free.

“If it hadn't been for the arms I'd have though it was inactive.” Dill stood next to Harold. “Scary looking buggers, aren't they?”

“You can say that again.” Harold swallowed. “And you say there are dozens of these in storage?”

“That's right, and the facility is capable of making hundreds of them.”

Gillian jumped backwards as the golem raised its free arm and made a fist. It moved the hand forward six inches and opened it again.

She looked back at the others. “What's it doing?”

Dill grinned. “It's rolling dice. That's why Sam wasn't answering texts. He's in there!”

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