Friday, June 15, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 113.04

“Has it?” White looked for a pulse at its throat, scowled and removed his glove before trying again. The fox's head lolled to one side.

“Damn. That's inconvenient.” White turned it over to examine the wound to its leg. A fly buzzed away from the wound. “Why would it last two days or more and then die just as we arrive to help it?”

“Fright probably, sir. It didn't know you were going to help it. Probably thought you were going to eat it or something.”

“Talking of which...” White held up the fox. One leg was all but hanging off, a large chunk of flesh and muscle missing from the haunch. “What does that look like to you?”

“A bite.” Peters took a step back. “I should be careful of that if I were you, sir.”

“Why? It's dead, sergeant. It can't harm you now, unless you exchange fluids with it.”

“No, sir, but it's been bitten...possibly by a zombie. There's an even chance it's be infected too.”

“You're frightened it will be a zombie fox?” White laughed. “I thought we'd established we weren't dealing with zombies?”

“You have a theory about cryogenic experiments that we've neither proved nor disproved, sir. We haven't disproved the zombie one either.”

“Argh!” White shouted as the fox jerked in his arms. Peters shrieked and backed off several paces until White's laughter reddened his cheeks. White put the fox down again, shaking his head. “Your face...”

“That really wasn't funny, sir.”

“Yes, sergeant, it really was.” White shook his head again. “Fetch an evidence bag, would you?”

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