Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 114.03

He couldn't help approaching the steel nightmare as it began to type into the phone's notepad function. At first it – he had trouble thinking of the golem as 'Sam' – typed tentatively, the way his mother did when she replying to one of his texts, but then increasing speed until it's fingers were a blur; as fast as a teenage girl discussing last night's 'Britain's Got Talent' under the desk in English class. He craned his neck. “What's he saying?”

The steel digits slowed and stopped and Dill took the phone out of its hands. He glanced through the message for a moment before clearing his throat.

Good to see you, dude. After I lost contact with you I had a look around the system. They know you escaped, by the way, they sent one of these units to recover you. I found the machine that puts the minds of people into the robots and infiltrated it. Don't know what happened to the one that was supposed to be inside here but I took their place. Cool, eh? Trouble is, there's no way out of the little cube and it's kind of claustrophobic to be in one place with only one set of sensory inputs when you've had the whole world to access from a computer system. I set up a series of access points and used them to leave the facility. I went back to the college to recover Orias in the hope I could use him to help me find the solution to breaking the shell. But there were policemen there. They saw me for deffo. I got back here then picked up you lot on the monitors. I think I covered your tracks but not 100%. Not much fun being in here any chance you could get me out?

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