Friday, June 22, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 114.04

“I can try.” Dill led the golem into the room. He looked like a five-year old leading his father into a school room on parent-teacher day, their sizes were so disparate. “I had a bit of a play with these when I was here earlier. I managed to convince people I was a new research professor. There's a section that opens up in your skull to accept the spirit cube. I'll need something to remove the screws, though.”

“Here.” Gillian opened one of the pouches on her utility belt and handed him a small case of jeweller's screwdrivers. “Titanium heads with one-piece integral shafts. These aren't your pound-shop rubbish. You could lever a safe door with one of these.”

“Right. I bet the head still strips off as soon as you touch it to a screw though.”

“Only the Posidriv one.”
Dill gave his laugh-wheeze, punctuationg it with three glottal stops to show how funny he thought the remark. He lifted out a Robertson driver and fitted it to the back plate of the golem's head. The four screws came out easily, allowing access to the spirit cube, which he lifted out.

He held up the object, his pale hands lit by the soft electric glow and looked at the others. “I couldn't open these earlier because I couldn't understand how they operated. Now that I've seen Harold's mum playing with the technology, though, I've got a better idea. You have to invalidate the sigils, don't you? Which one first?”

“Let me see that.” Jasfoup, still cradling Lucy in one crooked arm, reached for the cube.

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