Monday, June 25, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 114.07

“He meant he wanted to be back in the computer system where he can see and hear everything. You read the note. He fetched Orias from college.”

“Orias?” Jasfoup looked about, his whole demeanour one of apprehension. “Where?”

“I don't understand.” Harold shifted Lucy to his hip since she was now awake again. “Who's Orias?”

“A fallen angel and now a Grand Marquis of Hell.” Jasfoup barely glanced his way. “He holds dominion over the sphere of astronomy and learning. Not someone to be on the wrong side of. We're having trouble dealing with one legion of demons. He commands thirty.”

“A grand marquis of Hell?” Dill smirked. “Don't be ridiculous. Sam ment our computer. We build it in the practical computing workshop. So lifelike you'd think it was sentient.”

“A computer? Is that all?” Jasfoup relaxed. “Who'd want to be a computer?”

“Who'd want to be a golem?”

“Who'd want to be a zombie?”

“Nobody. That's the whole point.” Dill opened his mouth and lifted Sam towards it. The leech-like spirit pulsed for a moment, the movement rippling through its body, then flowed over his hand and into his open mouth. It filled the gap, pushing out the cheeks in a parody of over eating, then vanished into Dill's throat.

Harold tasted bile as he fought to his his toast down.

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