Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 115.01

White sniffed and rolled the window down to let some air into the car. “It pongs a bit, that fox.”

“Shouldn't do, sir. It was well wrapped.” Peters turned to look in the passenger seat.


“Just had a feeling, sir.”

“That we were being followed? I had it too but there's no-one behind us for mile. I think we're safe.”

“Actually I was more afraid the we had a zombie fox that had chewed its way out of the boot into the back seat. It would have explained the stink.”

“You and your zombies. I keep telling you. There's no such thing.”

“With all due respect, sir, I thought that about humanoid, life-sized robots that could run faster than Mickey Whitman.”


“A tea-leaf on the chervil estate, sir. Bane of my life when I was in uniform. I could never catch him.”

“Ah. We've all got one of those. There's a mechanic on Cheapside who I know for a fact is involved in a breaker's ring but I've never managed to catch him at it.”

“Lenny's Spares and Repairs?”

“That's the chap. I know uniform branch has tried a time or two but he's always got wind of an upcoming raid somehow. Come to your attention as well, has he?”

“Not exactly, sir. I usually take my car to him for its MOT. He's the cheapest option for spares in the whole of Laverstone.”

“There's a good reason for that.”

“No, I can't believe he's a wrong-un. We always have a nice chat when I take the car in. He's always very interested in the work of the police. Gives me a loyalty discount, too.”

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