Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 115.03

He pulled up outside the single storey building. It was reminiscent of the pre-fabricated offices that appeared as fast as ragwort on industrial estates, concrete shuttering with a fa├žade of brick to lend an air or respectability. It sat in a sea of car park spaces like a dead seal on a beach, the only occupation being an Aston Martin and a green SUV van. The problem was the entrance. Three concrete posts protected the tarmac beach from intrusion of such common vehicles as theirs.

Peters nodded to the Aston Martin. “No need for a vehicle check to see whose that is.”

White followed his gaze. The vanity plate HUNT 2 announced the owners presence in the facility. He put the car into first gear as drove up to the barrier posts stopping as close as he dared.

“I don't think you'll have any joy there, sir. They're automatic, I think. There's probably a transponder in the authorised vehicles.”

“I had actually worked that out for myself, sergeant. My hypothesis was that my proximity to to them would cause an alarm to go off somewhere and a guard to come out. Assuming they actually employ human guards and not just more of those robots we saw earlier.”

“They must do, surely. They're one of the biggest employers in Laverstone. Most of it's warehouse work, true, but they must have security staff. Someone to watch the cameras at least.”

“Talking of which...” White nudged him and pointed to a camera mounted on the corner of the building. It had changed position. Whoever was controlling it had turned it to study them instead of the parked cars. He wound down his window and held out his warrant card. “Let's see if that gets a response.”

They waited another minute before the bollards slid down below the level of the road. White drove in and parked next the Jim Hunt's car. “Right then. Let's have a chat about theft from colleges, unauthorised use of public resources and the endangerment of people's lives.”

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