Friday, June 29, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 115.04

They walked over to the front door, which White was disgruntled to find locked. He banged on it with his open palm, studiously ignoring the electronic video panel until the guard actually got out of his seat and opened the door, whereupon he displayed his warrant card and pushed past into what looked to be a reception area.

The guard glowered at him. “You can't come in without a warrant.”

“I came in to have a friendly word with Mr Hunt about some disturbing tales that may or may not affect the reputation and therefore the market share value of Magelight Electronics.” White gave him the smile he generally reserved our lunatics and old ladies. “If, however, you have something you are particularly worried I might accidentally discover by my presence here, them I will certainly apply to the magistrate for a warrant forthwith. Naturally, however, such a warrant would include the whole facility and a large number of uniformed officer to carry it out. Just how many levels does this facility have? Just so I can bring enough men, you understand.”

“I think I'd better tell Mr Hunt you're here to speak to him.”

“I think that might be wise.” White beamed and selected a seat that gave him a view of both the door and the two elevators. “Sergeant?”

Peter sat two seats away, leaving a comfortable gap between them. He stared at the guard who became significantly redder the more he talked into the phone.

After a minute or two of talking, by which time White had already had enough of the tinny muzak, the guard put the phone down. “Mr Hunt will be up presently.”

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