Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 115.06

“There must be a very small window between leaving them long enough to abandon the meeting and leaving it so long that they become violent. If those speakers weren't embedded in the walls I'd be ripping them out by now.”

“But you're too well mannered to have actually become violent.” Jim Hunt stood at the open elevator, a smile creasing his face to resemble a walnut.

White frowned. The man in front of him was undoubtedly James Samuel Hunt but the last time they'd met he'd been in his early twenties. Now he looked to be approaching retirement and there was only a handful of years between the two. Was this more evidence of cryogenic testing gone wrong? He stood. “Mr Hunt. How good of you to see us.”

“Always happy to assist the police.” The man behind Magelight Electronics glanced at the monitor screens at the guard's desk and stepped forward, his hand out to shake theirs. “Actually, sergeant, have a look at this.” He pointed to one of the monitors.

White and Peters crowded round. One monitor showed the four of then st the guard's desk, the to elevators behind. What was odd about the image was that although the room was in monochrome, the four of them were lit with pulsing colours. Hunt and the guard were outlined in blue and green, White was in green and yellow but the image of the sergeant pulsed between magenta and red.

This is something we developed a while ago that's just starting to come onto the open market now. This is a display of the blood pressure and heart rate of the people in the room. The nearer to red, the higher the blood pressure. The frequency of the pulses indicates the heart rate. That's how I gauge the exact moment to introduce myself.”

White nodded slowly. “Clever.”

“Thank you. It's a by-product of our robotics research. We can use this to teach a robot to accurately predict a human emotional state. You'll find it appearing in lie detectors and casinos within the next five to ten years.”

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