Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 116.01

Dill, with Sam's direction, led them further into the complex, the electronic locks no longer proving to be a barrier thanks to Sam having memorised the codes for every lock in the building, codes he claimed, with Dill's voice, were valid until they were changed globally using the master password, which he also had.

Harold tried to avoid looking at the zombie. Most of the time it still looked like Dill but every so often it looked at him with a different expression or different eyes. There was no actual difference in the features but he always knew when Sam had taken control. Dill seemed to be the submissive personality of the pair.

“This way.” The zombie led them in a series of turns and through half a dozen coded doors to what seemed to be a warehouse with several sets of blast-doors.

Harold took Jasfoup to one side. “Have you kept track of our way out? I could probably manage the turns but I've no clue about the codes for the doors.”

“No.” The demon seemed cheerful enough, even in the heart of what was, effectively, enemy territory. “I couldn't see the need. I can gate out at any time.”

“Gee. Thanks for the solidarity, brother.”

“Don't be like that.” Jasfoup began examining one of the doors. “There was no point in remembering the way out. Devious collapsed the whole tunnel when we were though the Bone Cathedral. If we don't find another exit you'll be stuck here for good.”

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