Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 116.02

“Ah. That could be a problem.” Harold beckoned to Jasfoup, who conveniently leaned down to listen to his lowered voice. “Best we keep the Dill-stroke-Sam unit alive then. I wouldn't like to have to fight past all these blasted doors.”

“Blast doors.”

“Damn them, yes.”

“These are the holding bays for the golems.” Dill waved at the corridor. “Sam says there are an awful lot of them. There's been a collaboration between Magelight and a demon to supply spirits to golem housings.”

“Then they're homunculi.” Harold handed Lucy to her mother and stepped forward to examine the nearest door. “They'd make an all-but indestructible army that could be deployed anywhere. Magelight would be able to field mercenaries to anywhere on earth.”

“And below it.” Jasfoup stroked his chin. “Human spirits are disposable so these could be deployed in Hell, too. They'd melt under hellfire but would last long enough to be perceived a threat. They'd be perfect as a distraction while the real army could sneak in a flank manoeuvre.”

“And do what?”

“Take control of Hell?”

“Why would anyone want to do that?”

“Heaven and Hell have been in a stalemate for millennia. A new regime could engineer the apocalypse.”

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