Friday, July 6, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 116.04

A clunk reverberated through the corridor as Dill unlocked one of the massive doors and began to push it open. Harold glanced at Jasfoup and hurried over. Gillian had already pushed ahead of the zombie, stepping to one side of the door with Lucy clinging to one leg. Harold stood next to her as Dill finished pushing open the door. He thumbed a control panel and lights flickered on overhead.

“Makes you think, doesn't it?” Harold kept his voice as low as he would in a church. That was the feeling he got from the room. The storage room was filled with golems -- or humunculi, he couldn't tell-- each one identical to the next. A small army of movie-style Terminator look-alikes.

“It depends what you're thinking.” Gillian took a few steps forward to touch one. “I can't tell if they're alive or not.”

“Alive is a matter of opinion.” Dill strolled through the ranks. “They've all got little souls in boxes inside, though they're all dormant, waiting for the call to arms.”

“And when will that be?”

“In a day or two.” Dill flashed a smile, his yellowing teeth obvious against the fluorescent lighting. “I accessed the database and they've got enough for their preliminary trials.”

“What sort of trials?”


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