Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 116.06

Sam shook Dill's head. “But I've seen the plans. War breaks out, Magelight takes over.”

“Takes over where, though? That's the question.” Jasfoup pulled out a slim silver case and extracted a cheroot. “I can see the leech's point. There'd be no point is assuming control of the world. There's too little reward for an awful lot of work. Remember, Jim Hunt has the backing of demons. Taking over Hell would be a far more likely scenario.”

“I can see that.” Harold frowned at the cheroot. He disapproved of smoking in general and smoking around his daughter in particular but couldn't deny the demonic and the dead their pleasure. “What I don't understand is why? Why upset the status quo? Why engender the apocalypse when it will destroy the very world they want to live in?”

“Ooh!” Dill spoke up. “I know. Revenge.”

“It's a powerful motivation.” Jasfoup produced a localised flame and lit the cheroot. “I'll run with it.”

Harold looked up at the roof. “I really don't think you should smoke in here. We don't want to set off any alarms.”

“Good point.” Jasfoup opened a tennis-ball sized portal to take away the smoke. “Bearing in mind who we're dealing with, I guess Manoach's tired of running from Legion.”

“It's a theory, certainly, but whatever the endgame, I think it would be best avoided if we prevented the opening move.” Harold looked across at Lucy. “Darling? Can you extract the spirits from their metal prisons and let them go?”


Kim said...

Hi Rachel,

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Rachel Green said...

How wonderful!
Thank you Kim :)