Monday, July 9, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 116.07

“Yes, Daddy.” Lucy half walked, half ran to the nearest golem and pressed her palm against it. A moment later the spirit appeared, squeezing out of the machine and through her tiny fingers like oatmeal at a cheap bed and breakfast. She looked at it for a moment, as if the gelatinous tube had eyes she could stare into.”

Harold beckoned to Jasfoup, who obliged his request to bend down. “Why doesn't she have to invalidate the sigils first?”

“Her heritage.” The demon watched her release the the spirit onto the floor where it sank into the concrete and disappeared. “Her genetic code, in other words. Since she has Legion's ability to hold demons the spells and traps used to hold them have no effect on her. She can reach straight through them to mak a bridge between herself and the spirit.”

“But these spirits aren't demons.”

“No, but the base line for a demonic entity is a spirit who inhabits the wrong body. These fit the definition but since they're souls and not els she can't absorb them.”

“Where do they go?”

“Hell, I expect. A few might remain on the earth but they've been stripped of their mortal memories so they won't become ghosts. Spirits of a place, perhaps. The kind that make you feel peaceful in a wooded glade or terrified for no reason in an open field.”

Dill leaned in. “Is the loss of their memories the reason why they have no shape?”

“Yes, of course. A blessing really. There'd be no punishment in Hell, if they get that far. Tormenting a spirit like these would be like punishing a man for spitting up as a new born.”

“What are els?” Dill's voice changed, a sure indication it was Sam speaking. “You said they're souls not els.”

“An el is a member of the elohim, the race of God. All angels and demons are of the elohim, like humans are of humanity.”

“Is that what she is, then? An el?”

“More or less.” Jasfoup looked at Harold. “But she doesn't know she isn't human. Please don't tell her.”

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