Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 117.01

Cameron White was relieved to find standard issue wooden chairs in the director's personal office, as opposed to the uncomfortable Swedish ones in the waiting area. He dropped heavily into one and unbuttoned his jacket. “It was good of you to see us, Mr Hunt.”

“Jim, please, Inspector. We've known each other long enough to dispense with the formalities. You were the first copper ever to give me a caution.”

“Didn't do much good, did it?” White looked around the plush office. One wall held a huge picture window overlooking the valley with Laverstone nestled neatly in the middle. “You still grew up to be a tosser.”

Hunt's eyes narrowed as much as his lips. “I'll overlook that, shall I? Seeing as I've agreed to see you without an appointment and everything.”

“How did you manage to wind up with this number then?” White rose and crossed to a bookshelf holding a display of scale models. “Last time I saw you, you had trouble stringing enough words together to make a sentence and even that was generally 'Pass me a doobie'. How does a moron like you become director of a multinational company, eh?”

“Are you being deliberately abusive, Inspector? Or is it your default conversational ability? Was there something in particular you wanted to ask me or shall I have someone show you the way out?”

“Oh no, sir.” Sergeant Peters stepped forward, his confusion etched across his face. “It's been a long day already. We wanted to ask you what you know of the recent disturbances in the town.”

“No we didn't.” White crossed to the desk and leaned forward until he was all but nose-to-nose with little Jimmy Hunt. “We wanted to ask the man in charge, not the errand boy.”

Hunt's eyebrows arched but he held his position, staring into White's eyes as if his balls were made of steel. He drew back at last. “I'll admit I was in the right place at the right time to get this position, Inspector, and I had to learn a lot of subjects very quickly because of it, but there is only one organ grinder here, and I don't need any dancing monkeys.” He pressed a button on his intercom. “Security? See the inspector out, would you?”

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