Friday, July 13, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 117.04

“Do I?” Peters fell silent for a moment then half-turned in his seat. “Have you ever considered I might do a better job if you actually told me what you were going to do?”

“And lose the element of surprise?” White grinned and pulled into the next lay-by. “The shock on your face sold the whole deal. Without it I'd have never managed to make him angry enough to have us thrown out.”

“We'd have got more out of him if you'd been courteous, sir.”

“Would we? Courtesy is all very well for dealing with members of the public but a tuppence-ha'penny scumbag like that needs something a bit more direct. If we'd been courteous with his he'd have sat there with his smug little smile and spoon fed us company policy till it was time to knock off for the night. This way it was short and sharp and we got everything we needed.”

“Did we? I recall getting nothing at all.”

“Really?” White held up a closed fist, opening his fingers as he marked off his points. “One, Hut's not in charge. He thinks he is but there's someone pulling his strings. Two, he didn't know we'd made the connection with the cryogenic subjects and it rattled him. Three, He wasn't aware we'd guessed the military connection and four, he didn't know someone had sent a robots out. Watch out for a disgruntled employee over the next twenty-four hours.”

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