Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 117.06

“What will we do then? Even if we can find a whistle blower we wouldn't get a warrant for Magelight. It's under the umbrella of national security.”

“If we can prove it's a danger to the general public we can shorn them into cleaning up after themselves. At the very least I want some compensation for Ted Cotman and some closure to the case of Sam Trubshaw and Dill Farthing.”

“Has anyone reported them missing yet?” Peters rooted in the glove compartment for a snack. “Officially, I mean.”

“Not yet. I've had a long chat with Percy Trubshaw, mind, and he's got a case for unlawful imprisonment if we can prove it was magelight who kidnapped him. Mental torture, too, by all accounts. Fancy missing your child growing up.”

“Doesn't bear thinking about. I'd be lost if I couldn't see my nippers every day.”

“I didn't know you had kids, Sergeant.”

“No sir. I've got two, actually. Heather's five and Tommy turned three the week before last.”

“You should have said.”

“To be fair, sir, I've mentioned them many times. You just never take it in. There's a picture of them on my desk.”

“I always thought that was your sister's kids.”

“No, sir. They're mine.”

“We live and learn.” White slowed as they approached town again. “Can you remember where Ted Cotman said he lived?”

“ Fifteen, Beecham Road.”

White frowned.

“Second right, third left from here.”

“I know, Sergeant, thank you. I was just wondering something. Where did that robot come from?”

“Magelight, we thought.”

“Yes, but You can bet your bonnet it didn't use the lift. There's another entrance in the woods somewhere.”

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