Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 118.02

Sam sniffed, or Dill did, Harold couldn't tell and besides, why would a zombie need to sniff in the first place? Did olfactory senses work after the flesh began to decay? “Must be nice to have a kid.” Ah. Dill, then.

“Yes. Never expected to.” Harold gave his daughter another kiss before Gillian took her away again. “Is there no possibility of you salvaging something from your body to procure an offspring?”

“I can't see it, can you? I've been dead for a week. Haven't even had a wank since then.”

“'m sorry?” Harold winced. “Perhaps you could foster an immortality in another fashion. Invent something enduring, perhaps? A sub-atomic particle or theory about the value of string holding the universe together.”

“Or something about dead cats in boxes not being dead at all but being undead.” Jasfoup thumped him on the shoulder. “That'd be one in the eye for Schroedinger. Most of the people quoting the uncertainty principle don't understand it anyway. Making a third state of matter possible would be another nail in the old bugger's coffin.”

“Actually, I have made something astounding.” Dill half-smiled. “Well, Sam and I did, anyway. A super-computer capable of accessing any piece of data in the world. It's almost sentient.”

“Almost?” Harold shared a glance with Jasfoup. “Don't tell me. You called it Skynet.”

Dill laughed aloud. “Nothing so prophetic. We called it Orias, after the demon of shaping destinies.” He shrugged. “It has a particular system of processors that Sam devised. We thought we'd call it the Far-Shaw engine.”

“After the novel about changing destinies?”

“No, after our names, Farthing and Trubshaw.”

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