Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 118.03

“Actually, I brought Orias here.” Dill's voiced changed to Sam's. “I didn't want it falling into the wrong hands. I had this idea of mounting it into one of the golem chassis and inhabiting it. True electronic sentience in a mobile housing. Imagine what I could achieve. I could see anything in the world by just focussing on it, process billions of bits of data every second and have access to the whole sum of recorded human endeavour.”

Harold nodded. “And cats.”


“If you inhabited the whole of the internet you'd be full of cats talking in stilted language.”

“And college lads recording themselves being stupid.” Jasfoup led then out of the storage room. “Not that I'm saying that would be bad, just something to be aware of. To inhabit the internet would be to have people uploading their videos directly into your brain. Not just the funny cats and the daily fails but every video of someone's opinion about the face of God in a burger bn or patch of mould on the ceiling. Every right-wing racist, homophobic opinion, every coded message to terrorists, every example of obscure Japanese porn.”

Harold grinned and winked at Jasfoup. “I say, Dill, you're looking a little green around the gills.”

“The benefits will outweigh all that. It will become background noise, like the sound of gulls at the seaside or traffic on the M4 corridor. Hear it often enough and the brain filters it out.”

Harold paused at the door. “One thing troubles me.”

“What's that?”

“If this computer is so powerful, why did you bring it here, there Jim Hunt can get his hands on it?”

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