Friday, July 20, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 118.04

“Where else could I take it? Someone activated it at the college and I couldn't afford to let it fall into the wrong hands. I've stashed it for now but as soon as I've re-engineered a body for myself I'll dismantle it properly. As long as I keep the ROM drive I can rebuild it from scratch. Maybe with better processors.”

“Whose wrong hands were you thinking of?” Harold gestured to the facility they were in. “I can't think of worse hands than a company with the global reach of Magelight.”

“I don't know. The government?” Sam, or Dill, Harold couldn't really tell, opened the next blast door, revealing an identical storage room full of silent golems. “More of these things. They're very crude, really.”

“Crude?” Harold raised his eyebrows. “I think they're marvellously done. Perfect facsimiles of the robot from the Terminator movies.”

“But cast in one piece.” Sam/Dill walked over to the nearest. "Look at them. No joints, no fine motor control.”

“But they're golems. Living statues. They bend because they've got a spirit inside to animate them.”

“You haven't driven one.”

“I've fought one, though.”

“And what did it do? Did it pull your hair or tweak your nipple?”

“No, but...”

“It can't. All it can do it punch and grip large objects. If it was a comic-book character it would say 'Golem smash” all the time. There's no fine motor control. It could probably shoot a gun but it couldn't tie a salmon fly. Dill and I had an idea to design something far more destrous. That's why he came looking for Roberts’ Treatise on Animated Figure in the first place, so we could learn the process from scratch and make our own replacement bodies.”

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