Friday, July 27, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 119.04

Peters reached the dining room and peered inside. Apart from the spill of light from White's torch it was as dark as a coal cellar. He felt along the wall, looking for the light switch and clicked it a few times to no avail. Can I borrow your torch a minute, sir?”

“Where's yours?”

“In the car, I think. My car, I mean.”

“It's standard police equipment. You should carry it with you at all times.”

“Have you seen the standard issue torches? Heavy enough to build muscle and flimsy enough to shatter at the smallest contact with a foreign body. Not like the old days when you could use a torch like a truncheon.”

“You could get one of these little ones. Only a couple of pounds on the market.”

“I did, sir, the last time you crowed about it only--”

“--It's in the car?”

“Yes.” Peters sighed. “Oh, wait.” He took out his mobile and unlocked the keypad. A dim light shone from the screen. “There's a torch app built in.” He navigated the menu for a moment then a brilliant beam shone out. “Ugh.”


“I've found the dog, sir. I don't think it'll be running anywhere in a hurry. It may have been a collie once, but from the state of mummification it looks to have died a year ago or more.”

“Then what did we hear barking?”

“Ah. Good point.”

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