Friday, August 17, 2012

Dead Right chapter 122.04

Gillian leapt into action.

The possessed attackers, so what else could they be, were slower than the vampire. As they closed to melee range she leaped, and with a flying kick, broke the neck of the first attacker. He went down. She ducked under a blow and kicked hard against the knee of another man, shattering his patellar and sending him sprawling. She took several blows to the head, caught a wrist and sent the owner spinning into his compatriots. She used the space to dodge the next attack and hammered her fist into the spine of another man.

Harold spooled the earth-to-mud spell in his mind, feeling the power stinging his fingertips. He moved to left choosing a moment when Gillian dance to one side to cast his magic. Three of her assailants lost their balance and fell, their feet sinking below the level of the floor. He quickly summoned and cast the reverse. The floor returned to its solid-state, the cracking of their shin bones echoing through the room. Despite the pain they must have felt, they made not a sound.

Gillian flashed him a smile of thanks. She spun on her heel and delivered another killing blow to the creature front of her, using the momentum to whirl past and take the legs from the next.

Harold took stock of the situation. He'd dealt with three of the attackers and Gillian had dealt with four. He readied his rock-two-mud spell again, choosing a spot where to attackers stood over one Gillian had already disabled. They went down. Three to go.

Gillian waited in the first attack, caught his arm and used the leverage to propel herself into the other two. Harold heard the arm of the first snap. He stepped forward, picked up a spirit-cube, and ground it into the attackers face. Of the two remaining, Gillian broke one neck and slammed her elbow into the sternum of the second.

She stood, slowly. Some of her attackers were still moving but none pose any threat to anyone. She dusted off her hands.

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