Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 120.06

“That's fascinating. Is it only the old demons that can possess then?”

“The Fallen, yes. There are a huge number of Fallen, remember. One third of the stars in the sky fell from Heaven, which means that fully half the number of stars in the sky is equal to the number of true demons in Hell and on Earth. That's an awful lot of potential possessions. Luckily for you most of them are above that sort of thing.”

“Luckily for me?”

“Humanity in general, I mean.”

“Because Manoach on his own doesn't do enough damage.”

“Apparently.” Jasfoup looked across at Dill. “How are you doing there?”

“Seven ready to free.”

“Right.” Harold walked along the line picking them up. “Can I do them all together?”

“I don't see why not.”

Phasmatis phasmatis discedo illic haud postulo vobis moror. Imaria.” He dropped several of the cubes as the spirits came out en masse. “Ooh. That was a surprise.”

...Derek Fulton, check... Alicia Charlton, no... Josef Strepilopolis, no.” Jasfoup looked up. “Two out of seven isn't bad. Onward and upward.”

Excellent. I'll just wait for Dill to do some more.”

Why don't you help? With two of you erasing sigils you'll soon have them all done.”

Harold sighed. “You make laziness look so easy.”

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