Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 122.01

Harold ducked back behind the corner and pointed in the direction of what he'd just seen. He pressed a finger to his lips to forestall their questions“It'th right there.” His lisp was deliberate since he had no idea how good the hearing was on a golem and the hiss of an 's' sound could travel a long way.

“Can we fight it?”

“I wouldn't advithe it. It'th a confined thpace and it might call others”

“Leave this to me.” Gillian reached across and plucked the name tag from Dill's jacket. It was a relief he'd saved it from his previous escape.

Harold clutched her arm. “That doesn't work.”

“It doesn't work on doors but I doubt they've reprogrammed the golems not to accept outdated identity tags.”

“No. It's too risky.” Harold frowned. “It'th too rithky.”

“Call me when you have a better idea.” She stood on one fluid motion, attached the ID to her lapel and adjusted Lucy's papoose. She nudged the child awake again. “Come on, darling. Work to do.”

Harold watched as she rounded the corned and walked confidently toward the door the golem guarded. It didn't attack, but neither did it move. Its eyes glowed as it scanned her.

“Move or one of us will be sorry.”

Still the golem remained motionless.

Gillian walked right up to it. “This is Lucy. Isn't she lovely?”

Lucy reached out to touch the gleaming steel. The glow faded from its eyes.

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