Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 122.02

“Good girl.” Harold walked up and kissed his daughter on the forehead. “Now let's see what he was guarding, eh?”

“That would be me, I suppose.” Dill/Sam tried to reach behind the golem.” Couldn't you have got it to step away from the door first?”

“You only had to ask.” Gillian handed Lucy to Harold and jumped to the golem's shoulders. Harold stepped hurriedly backwards as she braced herself against the wall and found a leverage point to tip the metal creature over.

“Albert Streetly, that was.” Jasfoup marked off an entry in his bloodberry. “I had a pact with him. He traded his soul for the trick of never growing old. He was a hundred and seventy and didn't look a day over fifty-five.”

“And then he got ripped out of his body and installed into a golem.” Gillian recovered her charge and stroked her hair smooth. “I bet he was surprised by that.”

“Let me at the keypad.” Dill/Sam pulled off the cover and began re-routing wires. “You know, no matter how complex the system, once you've been inside the wires and understood the power flow mechanics of the internal structure they're all as simple as a three pin plug.

“Not everyone has your unique perspective on electronic security.” Gillian watched what the zombie did, careful not to get so close she had to breath the air around him. “You'd make a fantastic data thief.”

“Of course I would. You'd only have to phone me into the system.”

Harold tapped the prone golem with his foot. “I expect Hell will be a blessing compared to being trapped inside a living machine.”

“No.” Jasfoup put his phone away. “Not really.”

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