Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 122.05

“That was jolly good, Old bean.” Harold released the magical energy he had been ready to lob at the next bunch of goons. “ I could almost think you didn't need my help at all.”

“ I'm always grateful your help, dear.” Gillian trod down on an exposed arm crushing the bone. “Call Jasfoup and Lucy back in, would you?”

“Er...” Harold looked from her to the door and backing him. “Is that really wise, do you think?”

“I do.” Gillian brushed off a speck of… something… from her jacket. “They were possessed. If she doesn't recover the demons before they actually die they'll just go into other bodies, won't they?”

“You're probably right.” Harold stepped on the door. “ Jasfoup? Would you bring Lucy back into a moment? I think it's safe for her.” He glanced at Gillian. “Well, Gillian thinks it's safe anyway.”

“Good enough for me.” The demon picked cautiously into the room. “Twelve down but not out?”

“Looks that way.” Harold lifted Lucy from his arms. “ there you go, sweetie. You know what to do.”

With her mother to guide and protect her, Lucy went from one assailant to the next collecting the Demon's run their prone bodies. Unlike the spirits she had collected from the golems,these were the black eel-like demon's similar to the one she drawn out of Amanda.

“Splendid.” Jasfoup began a tally on his Bloodberry. “That's foureen down, a couple of dozen to go.”


“These twelve, Amanda and Julie?”

“Right.” Harold patted Gillian on the back. “Onward and upward, old fruit.”

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