Monday, August 20, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 122.07

Dill hurried up to the door and set to work bypassing the security. It opened with a hiss of escaping air and Jasfoup raise and eyebrow.

“Pressurised door? Why would anyone have a pressurised door?” He motioned to Gillian to precede him.

“Why did she have to go first?” Harold peered through the doorway. A staircase led up and to the right. “ there might be something dangerous up there.”

“My point exactly.” The demon peered over his shoulder. “I can't afford to come face-to-face with Manoach, can I? There's no telling what he might be capable of.”

“So you send my wife in first? That doesn't sound like the actions of someone supposed to take care of us.” Harold shared a glance would Dill, who shrugged.

“No one ever said anything about looking after your vampire girlfriend.” Jasfoup brushed a speck of lint from Harold's lapel. “The whole point of vampire girlfriend is that she looks after herself. Surely it's better she really into trouble than someone important? One of us, for example.”

“He has a good point.” Bill peered up the stairs. “I can't hear anything going on. I'm sure she's fine.”

“Then why hasn't she come back to tell us?” Harold frowned. He called up the stairs. “Gillian? Are you all right. Do you need us to come up?”

He was greeted by silence.

“There you see?” Jasfoup patted him on the back. “I expect she's hurried on looking for a fight. They're like that you know. Vampires, I mean.”

“I don't like it.” Harold hefted Lucy onto his hip. “I'm going up.”

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