Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 123.05

Beamish frowned, glancing at the woman by his side. She checked her clipboard. “You do have a meeting with the governing body of the Worshipful Society of Market Traders at two.”

“Yes, that's true. They always put on a good lunch.”

White leaned forward to lower his voice. “This is a high prestige case, sir, and there's no reason you can't do both. You don't have to remain at the crime scene, after all.”

“That's true.” He stroked his chin which, unlike White's own, was as smooth as an apple. That, White thought, was the benefit of being the CS. No need to be up at three in the morning to catch burglar robots. He could feel the five o'clock shadow and it wasn't even time for elevenses. “And we've already got the husband?”

“He's in the hospital sir. I don't consider him a flight risk. You don't keep your dead wife at home for two years only to skip town at the first sign of trouble.”

“All the same...” Beamish turned to his itinerary coordinator again.White had once made the mistake of calling her his secretary and had never heard the last of it. “Send someone down to the hospital to keep an eye on him, would you? Tell him its for his own protection.” He turned back. “What's wrong with him?”

“Broken arm, sir. He was injured during the course of a robbery. He's a night watchman at the college.”

“Anything stolen?”

“A computer, sir, built by two of the students there.”

“Ah. Nothing too important, then.”

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