Friday, August 31, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 124.04

“And why should they?” Manoach stepped forward and gestured to the cathedral they stood in. “The story was Iesu's to tell and he never even asked my name. I followed him for a while, begging for food, eating scraps from the tables on inns in Jerusalem and was grateful for it. My years of being the puppet of demons had come to an end and it was all thanks to him.”

“Don't tell me. You got lonely.”

“Lonely? Yes, I suppose I did. I grew tired of the insults and the slurs, the kicks from innkeepers and the taunts of villagers when they found me sleeping rough in their byres and pastures. I was a beggar amongst thousands of beggars where once I had been unique, feared by many as the bringer of nightmares and wisdom.”

Harold took several steps to one side, trying to determine Gillian's state of health. “Why didn't you just learn a trade? What did you do before you was possessed?”

“I was a pig keeper. I looked after all the pigs of the village.”

“So why didn't you go back to doing that? A man with a trade always has respect.”

And then Iesu cast out the demons, and they inhabited the herd of swine, and the all ran off the cliff and into the sea below.


“Ah, indeed. Not much call for a swineherd when the Son of God has slaughtered all the swine.”

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