Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 124.06

“Whatever happened to him?”


“Lazarus. I remember the story of him being raised from the dead but you never hear about what happened afterwards.”

“That's rather my point, though. You never hear the what happened after. Iesu wanders through the middle east doing what everyone perceives as good deeds without any thought to the consequences. You want to know about Lazarus? I'll tell you about Lazarus. He owns the patents for about three hundred inventions and is doing rather nicely, thank you.”

“You mean he's still alive?”

“Of course he's still alive. Contrary to opinion, death only comes once. Not that you can miss your own death, mind. But Lazarus didn't miss it. He was brought back from it by divine power. Now he can never die again. Of course, he enjoyed it at first. Extra time with his wife and kids, it was a miracle in every sense of the world. Then his wife died. He was philosophical about it at first, and at least he had his kids to keep him cheerful, then they had kids themselves and he was happy to be a grandfather. Then his kids dies, and their kids, and everyone he knew. The world changed and he became a first-century man in a second-century world.”

“That must be...” Harold searched for a word the describe the ennui of two thousand years of loneliness. “Challenging.”

Manoach gave a throaty chuckle. “You could say that. At least he had a body.”

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