Monday, September 3, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 124.07

“You seem to have managed.”

“Managed being the operative word. Without my people I wouldn't have survived at all.”

“But why did you? You were obviously pleased to be free of the demons. You followed Iesu around like a fangirl, visiting all the places he'd been. Why did you take the demons back?”

“I was nothing without them. With even the few who returned to me I became a powerful man. I was no longer the imbecile I'd been when inhabited by two thousand of them. I could distinguish individual voices and became part of the collective. They listened to me. We learned to work together for a common goal.”

“And this?” Harold gestured to the Twilight facility. “Was all this your doing?”

“Actually, no. James Hunt was an imbecile when I met him first. I came here to investigate the source of power that seems centred on this town. You must have felt it? James was the director here and hadn't a clue what he was doing. I discovered he'd been possessed by a djinn and abandoned. He was ripe for possession. Then I had the use of this rather marvellous facility.”

“You seem to have spent a remarkable amount of resources constructing an army of homunculi and a field of oddly potent cannabis. To what end, may I ask?”

“Isn't it obvious? With my golem army I can conquer Hell.”

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