Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 125.02

“Thank you for making the distinction, sergeant. That'll be why I failed to be promoted to Chief Inspector last year then. I didn't have the required lobotomy.”

“I didn't know you'd applied for promotion, sir. You never said.”

“I didn't want it spread all over the station if I failed.”

“I wouldn't have mentioned it, sir.”

“Really? Not a whisper to the lads?”

“Well, maybe the other Special Crimes lads but that's all.”

“And DC Acton was seeing that lad from Traffic at the time. Would she have not mentioned it to him?”

“I see your point, sir.”

“Thank you. On the other hand, everyone is rooting for you to pass your Inspector's bar next week.”

“They all know?”

“I'm afraid so.” White chuckled. “It wasn't me who leaked it. Doreen in the canteen told me. She got it from Sandra in Support Services who typed up the list.”

“I was hoping to keep quiet about it for a while longer.”

“Don't worry, sergeant. Everyone wants you to pass.”

“That's nice.”

“Yes, they've already started a kitty for your leaving present when you move to another division.”

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