Friday, September 14, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 125.04

He paused by the sign while Peters caught up. In true tourist board style, the sign gave extensive information about the area.

Moot Point was a plateau of shallow grassland, the highest point of Hobb's Wood. Designated as 'an area of outstanding beauty' on the very tip of the Chilterns and accessible from the A4130 just north of Laverstone, Moot Point, has two legends surrounding it. It is a promontory overlooking the Nettle Valley; a natural circle of rock and scrub where no trees grow to mar the view. One legend states it was a congregation point, or moot, for all the witches of Wiltshire in the seventeenth century where so many feet tramped the circle that it stayed. The second declares it the point of impact of a Fallen Angel, where the fiery spirit burned all to ash in a thirty yard radius and then cursed the spot before moving on.

Belief in either legend is a matter of preference – extensive studies in the sixties declare the area to have an unusually high alkaline content to the meagre soil, preventing anything other than grass from growing.

They went in the opposite direction, into Nettle Valley and Hobb's Wood beyond.

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