Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 125.05

“I'm always surprised there aren't more accidents here.” Peters nodded toward the jagged rocks at the base of Moot point. They were mostly visible at this time of year, through last years brambles were already sprouting and beginning to cover the area. “I mean, it's a thirty-foot drop from one of the most-visited tourist spots in the district and there's no guard rail.”

“There was once. I remember a woman falling from the point in the late seventies and there was a move from the council to put a fence up. It lasted about a year before it was removed again.”

“Oh yes?”

“With a fence there the local fauna couldn't keep the grass down and we ad bushes and trees growing. With the soil so thin everything withered as soon as the sun came out and the council dutifully removed the fence again.”

“Makes sense.”

White paused to allow a woman to pass. She carried a dog lead and he spotted a golden Labrador trudging slowly behind, carrying a stick almost as long as itself. He pressed further into the brambles to avoid being clotheslined by the dog and stifled a smile at Peter's yell when the stick whacked him in the shin. A thought occurred to him. “Excuse me, madam?”

“She turned. “Yes?”

“DI White, Laverstone police.” He showed her his warrant card. “Have you spotted anything unusual in the woods?”

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