Monday, September 17, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 125.07

They walked on until the woman was well out of earshot. Peters looked back to make sure they were alone before he spoke. “That was a nice bit of rheetoric, sir, telling her there was a poacher.”

“Thank you sergeant. Sometimes it's better to be economical with the truth. If I'd told her we were looking for zombies and giant robots she'd have thought me soft in the head at the very least. This way she'll tell all her friends the police are looking for a poacher in the wood and we're likely to get a better result.”

“Aye, sir. Appeal to the sympathies of your audience. We did that on the psychology of negotiation course. Don't tell the public there's a rapist about, tell them there a man exposing himself to kiddies and they'll be on your side.”

“Exactly sergeant.” White leaned against a tree to catch his breath. “Out of every hundred men you inform of the presence of a rapist, thirty will be secretly envious of him and another thirty will think the victims provoked it. Tell the same men there a paedophile and they'll all be on your side.”

“Can't argue with that, sir. I'd want verification of the statistics but the gist of it is true.”

“Of course it's true, sergeant. I outrank you. Anything I make up is true.”

Peters laughed. “Right.”

“Talking of which, your flies are undone.”

“Yes, sir. Good one.”

“No, they really are. Didn't you wonder why that woman was looking at you so strangely?”

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