Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 126.03

Lucy pouted, her bottom lip extending a full half-inch from its mate. Yes I can. Miss Hammond said we call all take something in to show the class today but it can't be electrical unless it's got batteries and it can't be dangerous and it can't be a pet or a farm animal or a rhinoceros.”

“Really?” Harold paused, imagining the diminutive Miss Hammond specifically forbidding rhinoceroses. “I didn't think you did show and tell in your school.”

“Of course they do, Harold. It's an easy lesson, isn't it? All the teacher has to do is allocate time slots and stop the other children being rude to whoever is talking. It teaches them social skills, public speaking and crowd control. All good traits to encourage for later life.”

“I suppose so.” Harold bit his lip. “But does it have to be Jasfoup? Can't you take one of your dollies?” He brightened. “How about your bow and arrows? You're very good at that. You could tell them about mummy's cups.”

Gillian put a hand on his arm. “Nothing dangerous, remember? I don't even want to think about the legal ramifications of a child taking a real compound bow to school.”

“Fair enough.” Harold looked at his daughter clutching the demon. “But Jasfoup? Really? Does it have to be him?”

“Yes.” Lucy tucked him inside her coat and did the buttons up. “Miss Hammond said that old things always have a story attached to them and Jasfoup is the oldest thing I've got.”

“I suppose that's true to a point. Very old things are called antiques, of course, or vintage.”

“Like gran”

“Yes. Like gran.”

“Is she older than Jasfoup?”

“She seems it, sometimes. Okay, you can take Jasfoup to school but you have to be very careful with him. Keep him in your locker.”

Gillian huffed. “Harold, they're infants. They have pegs.”

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