Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 126.06

“It just is.” Harold held the toy up. “This is Jasfoup. It always is and it always has been. Just because he has a new coat and new stuffing and a new face it doesn't mean it's not him anymore. Lucy has a new coat. It's still Lucy. She's also four times the size she was when she was born but we still know it's Lucy. I bet she's got new insides, too, but it's still her.”

“I've got new insides?” Lucy looked down at herself and frowned.

“Not literally, love. Just biologically.” Harold looked back at Gillian. “So what if Jasfoup has a new face? He likes to change his appearance every now and again. He could be a potato and he'd still be Jasfoup.”

“All right.” Gillian held her hands up in a gesture of surrender. “I didn't mean--”

“It's like Uncle Frederick's broom, the one he inherited with the house. He's put a new stave on it twice and a new brush head on it three times but it's still the same broom.”

“Yes, of course.” Gillian opened the door. “I'm sorry I said anything. Now, can we go? I'll be lucky not to be late for my meeting. Now.”

“Yes, sorry.” Harold handed Jasfoup back. “Just make sure he comes home with you you and not some snotty-nosed little thief.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Lucy tucked the toy back inside her coat. “Does that mean I can't swap him, either? Only Danny Marston said he had a drum he didn't want...”

“No, darling.” Gillian ushered her through the door. “No swapsies.”

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