Monday, September 24, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 126.07

“Oh.” She pulled the neck of her coat away from her body and looked inside. “What if I don't want him any more?”

“Don't want him?” Harold felt his stomach lurch. There was a way of looking at the world he was unfamiliar with and his daughter had encapsulated all he found distasteful about it in that one simple sentence. He squatted to be on the same level as Lucy. “How can you not want him? He's been in the family for five generations.”

“But I'd rather have a drum.”

“All right.” Harold glanced up at Gillian. She'd pulled out her mobile again, her thumbs flying over the keys like a teenager in an English class. From this angle he could see up her nostrils. “I'll tell you what. Bring Jasfoup home safe and sound and relinquish all rights to him, then at the weekend we'll go into town and I'll buy you a brand new drum. Okay?”

Lucy frowned. For a moment she looked exactly like her mother when she was about to hammer home an obscure legal point and win an argument. Then her face cleared and she smiled again. “Okay, Daddy, but can I have a recorder instead? I think Danny Marston will give me the drum anyway if I promise to go out with him.”

“Go out with him?” Harold squeezed his eyes shut to push away the image of his daughter on a date with a boy called Danny Marston. “You're five years old. You can't go on a date.”

“Not yet, silly.” Lucy looked suddenly coy. “When we're old.”

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